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  • Haldi Stain Removal Tips


      We, Indians, love our food. And turmeric, better known as haldi in Hindi, is a part of majority of Indian cuisines. Stains are an inevitable aspect of eating, especially if you’re a messy eater or have kids. One of the toughest stains to deal with is that of haldi. The orange and yellow color will fade over repeated washes but you’ll never get back the pristine white of your table cloths or shirts or favorite t-shirts. Here are a few tried and tested haldi stain removal tips to help you deal with these stains. Steps to deal with stains 1. Scratch out the stain as soon as possible. Once yo Read More

  • Clean Your Car at Home


      Instead of spending large amounts on car cleaning services and products, clean your car at home with these common household items. Start from the insides of the car. • Use a dry duster or an old t-shirt to dust the seats. Alternatively, you can use a vacuum. • If you have leather or vinyl seat covers, use toothpaste to tackle the stains. If you have fabric seat covers, spray stains with a solution of water and vinegar (1:1 mix). Wait for a few minutes and then clean with a wet cloth. • Remove the foot mats and dust them outside the car. If you want to be thorough, you can also soak them i Read More

  • 5 Items You Use Every Day That Require Immediate Cleaning.


      Every day we use n number of items. Some would say we also clean many, but when was the last time you cleaned your toothbrush? You rinse it every day, but is that really sufficient? Here’s a list of 5 items you use on a daily basis that require immediate cleaning if you really care about the health of your loved ones. 1. Combs and tooth brushes - Dirt and oil from your hair accumulate in your combs, while food particles and residual tooth paste collect at the floor of your tooth brush. It is thus important to clean these daily use items we use for our grooming. Don’t just rinse it with water, Read More

  • Natural remedies for mosquito bites and dengue prevention


    As we gear up to beat the heat, we must also arm ourselves to fight against mosquito borne diseases like chikungunya, dengue, malaria, etc. Staying clean and keeping our environment clean is part and parcel of cleanliness. However, there are certain mosquitoes that breed even in clean water. Read our article to Get rid of mosquitoes naturally. You can also prevent the spread of dengue with the following tips. Burn dry neem leaves. All you have to do is collect a bunch of neem leaves from the common neem tree, leave out in the sun for a few days to dry. Once dry, burn the leaves and let the smoke reach all corners Read More

  • Get Rid of Mosquitoes Naturally.


    With the summer, come the mosquitoes. The temperatures allow for easy breeding of mosquitoes in any stagnant water. What could be a more ideal breeding ground than the water coolers, indoor plants and bird water trough. Therefore, it becomes essential to deal with the issue of mosquitoes before they bite your loved ones. It is essential to ensure that mosquitoes do not enter your home, especially if you live in an area infested with mosquitoes. Fit your windows and doors with mosquito meshes and repair any rends in them. Keep doors and windows closed in the evening hours i.e. when the sun is setting. This is the time we Read More

  • Take the 10 Spot Test to check whether your house is really clean.


      We often take great pains and spend endless hours cleaning and shining our homes. Sometimes it’s just in the spirit of spring cleaning and other times, it is simply a routine cleaning with the health of our loved ones in mind. But even the cleanest of homes will have at least one of these spots. Do you think you’ll pass the test? 1. Tube lights, bulb and light fixtures often act as dust catchers and since they are normally placed at a higher point, they often go unchecked during the cleaning sprees. 2. While we look to the AC to cool us in the summer heat, the surface above the air co Read More

  • Dust free cleaning with a spray bottle and sponge wipe


      When cleaning, use a spray bottle filled with water to cover the dust with a light mist and then clean with a sponge wipe. In summers, this is particularly helpful in preventing dust from flying all over the place . Read More

  • Soap to Stop Mirrors from Steaming Up


      Rub a dry bar of soap over the surface of the mirror and rub it in using a clean cloth. Use this trick to stop your bathroom mirrors from steaming up. Read More

  • Wiper to clean rugs


      Cleaning rugs and doormats becomes a challenging task when getting rid of hair and fibres. Even a vacuum and brush roll fail to give efficient results. Here's where a rubber edged wiper/squeegee comes in handy. Simply run a dry wiper across the rug repeatedly and collect the clumps of dirt that form. Read More

  • Clean fan blades with a pillow case


      Slide a pillow case onto the blades of the ceiling fan, and then wipe the blades by sliding the pillow case on the blade so that dust lands inside the pillow case and not on your face. Quick, easy and simple. Read More

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