Home Cleaning

  • DIY all natural glass cleaner !!!


    Home Cleaning feels  incomplete without streak-free, shining glass. Having sparkling windows adds another charm to the room. Today at Pranay’s Cleanup tip we bring you an easy recipe for a Glass cleaner to give you those streak-free glass and make your Diwali cleaning a little more easier. You will need: 1/4 cup white vinegar 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol 2 cups water 1 TBS cornstarch Spray bottle Bowl to mix What to do: 1. Mix the ingredients one by one into the bowl.  2. Now pour the mixture into the spray bottle. 3. Spray on the glass for a superior cleaning finish and Read More

  • 5 Ways spring-cleaning your house can make you richer


      Cleaning can seem like a waste of time, but if you do it properly it could be your chance to make hundreds, if not thousands of pounds. We've got tricks for getting rid of dirt and grease here . But as you scrub, think strategically . Are you sitting on a gold mine of unwanted stuff ? How can your house make -or save you money? If you need a little bit of motivation to get started, here are five reasons doing a spring clean could make you very rich indeed. 1 YOUR JUNK CAN BE SOLD Your rubbish is someone else's treasure. And thanks to the internet, it's easy to sell it to them. Simply set up an account online, tak Read More

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