Kitchen Cleaning

  • 7 Way to Use Stainless Steel Scrubbers for Cleaner Homes


    Stainless Steel Scrubbers are a staple in every home. Those lovely shiny metal balls that come to our rescue when we inevitably forget to set the flame low or turn it off. Let’s agree to blame it on that cliff hanger season finale or the thrilling finish of a nail biting game, something that we all can relate to. These scrubbers have saved many lives, but did you know they come in handy in more ways even outside the sacred doors of the kitchen. Read on to discover the many talents of the multipurpose stainless steel scrubbers in our homes. 1) Cooking utensils: Enough said! Scrub and discover the magic of getting r Read More

  • How to Get Rid of Burnt-on Food from Stainless Steel Pans


    Preparing dinner for guests or putting together breakfast before work and you forget to set the flame low, the next thing you know the food gets burnt and everyone is choking on smoke or the odour from burnt-on food. We’ve all been there and had to deal with the stubborn stains and dirty mess afterwards. Here are some tips to get rid of the burnt-on food. 1. Scrub  If you have a light layer of burnt-on food, sprinkle it with baking soda, get a good quality scrubber and scrub away the burnt-on food easily. 2. Soak it Fill the pan with warm water and dish soap. Let it sit for a few hours or overnight, then Read More

  • How to clean a porcelain sink


    Kitchen cleaning and bathroom cleaning are always on the top priority when it comes to the weekly or monthly cleaning schedules. Today we bring you a method to deep clean those porcelain sinks, which is not only easy but also quick. But before we begin, there are a few things that will help you in the long run. One of these tips is, never use a steel wool scrubber or steel juna on porcelain sinks or tubs as these will leave scratches, always use soft sponge or even better the green juna. It will not be easier to clean with but also give a quick cleaning. Now let’s get started with the deep cleaning of your porcelai Read More

  • How to Deep Clean All Your Kitchen Appliances


      A kitchen is one of the places in our homes where we have a large number of appliances. With technology advancement, gone are the days of manual grinding and chopping. This means an abundance of kitchen appliances for cooking, baking and prep work. Cleaning these appliances can be a tiresome job especially when they are often overlooked during the cleaning spree) In this guide, we’ll share cleaning tips and secrets to tackle all of these appliances together in a manner that will not only save you hassle but also time, money and energy. 1) Refrigerator a) Empty the freezer. Get rid of any expired a Read More

  • Scrub away rust


      Scrub a rusty skillet with a stainless steel scrubber to get rid of the rust. Read More

  • 5 Step deep cleaning for the kitchen


           Deep cleaning a kitchen every 3 to 4 months is all it takes to keep the kitchen looking clean and hygienic. Food preparation and cooking often leads to build up of grease and dirt, which becomes a time taking effort. But the most difficult question amid all the chaos in the kitchen is, ‘Where do you begin from?’ Well, you needn’t worry. With this 5 step guide, you’ll have a sparkling clean kitchen in a few hours.   1.    Cupboards and handles  First, take out all contents of the cupboards and drawers. Then  Read More

  • Plastic wrap shelf liners


      Use plastic wrap as shelf liner for your fridge so that if there is any spill or cleaning required, all your have to do is replace the plastic wrap. Read More

  • Sharpen your scissors with aluminium foil


      Cut through a sheet of folded aluminium foil to keep scissors sharp. Alternatively, coarse sandpaper can be used instead of aluminium foil. Read More

  • 5 Uses of Aluminium Foil


      When we think about storing leftover food, the first thing that comes to mind is aluminium foil. No kitchen is complete without aluminium foil. Pranay's Cleanup is one of the largest aluminium foil suppliers in India. Not only is it good for storage and packing food, this item is a must for every household. Today, we bring you five ways you can use this common and essential item. 1.When camping, you can make pots and pans out of aluminium foil for cooking. It is ultra light to carry with your camping gear and serves multiple functions since all you have to do is mould it into the shape you require. An added bonus Read More

  • Spring Cleaning with Kids


      Sweep in the spring with a zealous spring cleaning adventure. It’s that time of the year when you’ve got roll up those sleeves so that you can get down and dirty to cleanse your living spaces. The season warming up is a boon to get you in the spirit, but with so much to do, it’s a great idea to ask your kids to chip in the cleaning. Here’s how you can do this successfully. 1. Teamwork Rather setting tasks for individuals do it in teams. Have the father son duo clean the bathrooms, whereby the parent can clean out the toilets and the child can safely help scrub the sink. Pairing up parent Read More

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