Kitchen Cleaning

  • Clean as new ceramic tiles!!!


      For complete kitchen cleaning, deep clean those ceramic tile near the sink. Try this cleaning tip while kitchen cleaning this Diwali cleaning and see the difference! You will have shiny new looking tiles in minutes! Do you find these trips and hacks useful or do you have a cleaning tip that you always depend upon? Join our Facebook group and be a part of a community that love a clean space. Share your tips with us and get a chance to be featured on our website! Join the group today Read More

  • Clean As New Wash Basins !!!


    When  it comes to kitchen cleaning or bathroom cleaning, there are some areas which might seem clean but are actually a prominent area for bacteria growth. On of such areas is the wash basin or sink. These areas also seem to be susceptible to stains. Today, we would like to bring you a tip to make these stubborn wash basin stains go away for good and that too without you loosing much sweat.  What you will need: 1. Salt 2. Oil or spirit of turpentine How to clean: 1. Mix salt with spirit of turpentine in a spray bottle. Although spirit of turpentine is preferable but you can use oil instead of oil of turpen Read More

  • From a stained cutting board to a clean one in minutes !!!


      Kitchen cleaning still feels incomplete with stained cutting boards. The cutting boards gets stained with time and use, but we have found you an easy way to make your cutting boards clean as new with these two ingredients from your kitchen! Just sprinkle some lemon juice and salt all over the cutting board and let it sit for a few minutes. After 20-30 minutes, rub away the stains using a scrubber or a lemon half for a clean and fresh cutting board. Keep checking this space for more such simple and genius cleaning tips!   Read More

  • Clean Burnt Steel Pans Into As Good As New


      When the pan is dry, sprinkle good amount of baking soda over the burnt stains and rub it around. You can add a little water for a paste like consistency and use a scrubber for stubborn stain. Once rubbed, let it sit for sometime and scrub away!!  Read More

  • Quick tips to keep your kitchen clean


      Begin by cleaning your kitchen counters. If you don't use your juicer everyday, the ideal things is to stash it away somewhere out of sight and away from your kitchen counter. Do away with everything that you think you are not going to use in the next couple of days. Then, spray liquid cleaner and wipe the counter clean. Clean your gas stove/hob or oven. Make sure all the grime and the spills are wiped clean. Next, clean your refrigerator. Check what the leftovers are discard them. Find out which of the bottles are almost empty, or are too old. Remove the shelves and clean them. Clean the outside as well as the Read More

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