• From a stained cutting board to a clean one in minutes !!!


      Kitchen cleaning still feels incomplete with stained cutting boards. The cutting boards gets stained with time and use, but we have found you an easy way to make your cutting boards clean as new with these two ingredients from your kitchen! Just sprinkle some lemon juice and salt all over the cutting board and let it sit for a few minutes. After 20-30 minutes, rub away the stains using a scrubber or a lemon half for a clean and fresh cutting board. Keep checking this space for more such simple and genius cleaning tips!   Read More

  • DIY Toilet Cubes !!!


    Being in the market of manufacturing cleaning products since over a decade, we have found that people often find it hard to maintain cleanliness in certain areas of their house and work place   such as the bathrooms, kitchen etc, no matter how hard we try. Hence with an intention to help and maintain the cleanliness in our houses, offices and surroundings ,Pranay’s cleanup is bringing you certain simple tricks and DIY’s that will help you keep your places clean like a pro!  So, to start with, let’s focus on bathroom cleaning. We all know that toilets are a breeding ground for bacteria and whi Read More

  • Goodbye Foggy Mirrors!


      Tired of foggy mirrors and cleaning them after hot showers? Now get fog-less mirrors, just wipe your mirrors with shaving cream while cleaning to prevent them from fogging up when you take a hot shower.  Read More