• Clean wooden furniture shining like new!


      This Diwali, go for complete home cleaning with shiny wooden furniture. Try this quick tip to make home cleaning easier. Read More

  • DIY all natural glass cleaner !!!


    Home Cleaning feels  incomplete without streak-free, shining glass. Having sparkling windows adds another charm to the room. Today at Pranay’s Cleanup tip we bring you an easy recipe for a Glass cleaner to give you those streak-free glass and make your Diwali cleaning a little more easier. You will need: 1/4 cup white vinegar 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol 2 cups water 1 TBS cornstarch Spray bottle Bowl to mix What to do: 1. Mix the ingredients one by one into the bowl.  2. Now pour the mixture into the spray bottle. 3. Spray on the glass for a superior cleaning finish and Read More

  • Shiny Clean Tiles!!!


    Bathroom cleaning feels incomplete when you don't have clean tiles. Try this easy trick to take the bathroom cleaning to a perfectionist level. This cleaning hack will save your time and energy and get you cleaner tiles! Read More

  • Clean As New Wash Basins !!!


    When  it comes to kitchen cleaning or bathroom cleaning, there are some areas which might seem clean but are actually a prominent area for bacteria growth. On of such areas is the wash basin or sink. These areas also seem to be susceptible to stains. Today, we would like to bring you a tip to make these stubborn wash basin stains go away for good and that too without you loosing much sweat.  What you will need: 1. Salt 2. Oil or spirit of turpentine How to clean: 1. Mix salt with spirit of turpentine in a spray bottle. Although spirit of turpentine is preferable but you can use oil instead of oil of turpen Read More

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