• Healthy Shiny and Clean Floors


    There is something appealing about a clean and shining floor that spells a good home. We have all been to many homes and places in our lives but the first thing you notice about homes are the floor, whether it is hardwood, tile, marble, stone or concrete. Floors add value to your home. You may walk bare feet on these surfaces or you may have a little kid crawling all over these surfaces until they are ready to take their first steps. It is therefore essential to keep your floor clean and hygienic. We bring you tips that’ll make this project a little easier and fun. 1. Use a wiper To maintain that n Read More

  • Singer Payal Dev happy to croon for 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyan'


      Reknowned Singer Payal Dev associated with Swatchh Bharat Abhiyan and urged people to raise awareness about cleanliness and hygiene with her song 'Swachch Bharat ho hamara.' Credit:: Read More

  • Sweep Away Creepy Cobwebs With A Broom.


      Use a broom to simply sweep away those creepy cobwebs dangling from high ceilings and dark crevices. Beware: Do not use an old or everyday broom as it is likely to leave dirt marks on ur walls and ceilings. Using a separate and clean broom should do the trick. Read More

  • How to Clean Foggy Glasses


      Clean those foggy glasses after the holiday festivities with a soak in white vinegar. If they still persist simply rub them with baking soda, follow with a thorough hand wash in water and dry with towel. Read More

  • Wash your windows like a pro with a squeegee


      Arm yourself with a good quality wiper/squeegee and buckle up to fight those stained windows and dirty glass panes. Cleaning was never this much fun! Go ahead and recruit your family and friends for an exciting cleaning fest. Read More

  • Remove Blood Stains from Fabrics


      Cut your finger while chopping vegetables and got blood on your clothes. Simply apply hydrogen peroxide directly to the blood stain and then launder in the washing machine. Read More

  • Winter Hygiene Tips


      Winter Hygiene Tips With the winters at the peak, out come the sweaters, blankets and heaters. Despite all the arrangements, certain ailments like asthma, cold, cough, lung infections, chest congestion and other communicable diseases remain a problem in every household due to neglect of common hygiene with the laziness settling in with the cold season. Here’s how you can keep up-to-date with your hygiene this winter. 1. Wash your hands and bath regularly With the water is ice cold and often untouchable, unwashed hands transfer infection causing germs every time you shake hands or touch your fac Read More

  • Get rid of makeup stains


      Makeup is every girl's ally in hiding stubborn acne scars, blemishes, skin burn and budding pimples. However, what is a girl to do when makeup leaves behind stains and marks on your favorite top or a new party attire. Here are some tips to deal with nail polish spills and mascara stains with little tweaks in the laundering routine. Read More

  • Get Rid of Furniture Indentations From Pure Wool Carpets


      Place a tea towel over the pure wool carpet area with furniture indentations and press with a warm iron to remove indentations. The heat helps to lift the fibres. Alert: Don't try this with synthetic or a wool/synthetic mix carpet. Read More

  • Bread To Pick Up Glass Shards !!!


    If you drop a glass and are worried about the tiny glass particles pricking your little ones or those soft feet, simply put a slice of bread on it. The consistency of bread helps to pick up all the glass particles easily.    Read More

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