• UP Minister kickstarts Int'l Yoga Day with 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyan'


    UP minister, Upendra Tiwari, caught spotlight when he picked up a spade to clean the city of Hathras to mark off the start of International Yoga Day by reiterating the message of a Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.  Credits:  Read More

  • 5 Ways to Keep Mud Out This Monsoon (MUD SERIES: Episode 01)


    With the monsoon comes rain and with rain comes mud. In the Mud Series, we’ll explore many mud related issues such as children hygiene, pet grooming, mud stain removal and first and foremost how to keep the mud out this monsoon.  1. Remove your shoes at the door. Request your family and friends to remove their shoes upon entering the house or just outside the door. You can also incorporate a similar policy at your work place.  2. Use a mat. Prefer rubber a mat for placing outside the door. This is a very effective way and most of the mud on the soles of the shoes of guests gets trapped on these before t Read More

  • Swachh Bharat Abhiyan Pakhwara observed at CIARI


    With a cleanliness drive and a live demonstration on “Vermicomposting/ Composting of Biodegradable waste,” CAR-Central Island Agricultural Research Institute (CIARI), Port Blair, celebrated a fortnight-long Swachh Bharat Abhiyan Pakhwara with the pledge taking ceremony by all the staff members.  Credits: Read More

  • 6 Handy Tips for Clean Sinks


    1. Scrub the dirty sink to clean the accumulated soap deposits, stains, rust, and water spots. At the least you should scrub a bathroom sink after every 30 uses. Use a sponge and soapy solution to scrub the sink gently. For a more thorough scrub, try an all-purpose cleaning spray. 2. Bring back the white gleam to your enamel sinks with this simple trick. Line the sink with paper towels, and then soak them with bleach. Leave the towels for 30 minutes, then remove and rinse the sink with water. Alert: Never use bleach on colored porcelain as it may cause the colour to fade. Use a mild liquid detergent, vinegar, or baking Read More

  • Jodhpur on Swachh Bharat drive: People attach dustbins to cars to tackle littering


          Keeping in mind the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan by PM Modi, a Jodhpur locality has come up with a unique practice to ace cleanliness using their cars. Read more at:- Read More

  • Waste Management


        Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan has raised awareness about cleanliness and hygiene. Pranay’s Impex, a leading supplier of household cleaning products has been a consistent supporter of this campaign. With the latest bout of advertisements urging households to segregate their waste into wet and dry garbage, we seek to shed light on waste management in our daily lives below. 1. Papers - Make waste management a fun and interesting process by going green and reducing the amount of paper usage. Opt to recycle books and go digital wherever possible. Not only is this a small step in the right direction, it doesn&rs Read More

  • Swachh Bharat Abhiyan: To persuade people to construct toilets, Puducherry municipal commissioner touches their feet


      Such is the drive for a Swacch Bharat that in a unique bid to convince residents of Puducherry to construct toilets in their homes, the municipal commissioner pleaded with the locals and went as far as touching their feet. Read more at: Read More

  • 15 Car Cleaning Hacks


    1.Use an old shaving brush to dust between the AC vents. Alternatively, you can also use a cheap foam brush or paint brush. Keep a vacuum cleaner handy and immediately collect the dust before it settles on other surfaces of the car. 2.This vacuum + brush combo can be used to clean various surfaces, buttons, handles and knobs in the car.  3.Clean out the air filters to get rid of dust balls and stale smells. Dab essential oils to the vents or leave a cotton ball soaked in your favourite essence in the car to deodorize it. You can also keep the fresh and clean smell after cleaning with a baking soda air freshener. Read More

  • The 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyan' PLC has to be around 50 years


      Reckitt Benckiser's Nitish Kapoor talks about Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and it's impact on various cleaning product life cycles. Brands are coming up with new and innovative campaigns, like the #Mera10Guz by Dettol, in support of this mission of Clean India. Read more: Read More

  • Haldi Stain Removal Tips


      We, Indians, love our food. And turmeric, better known as haldi in Hindi, is a part of majority of Indian cuisines. Stains are an inevitable aspect of eating, especially if you’re a messy eater or have kids. One of the toughest stains to deal with is that of haldi. The orange and yellow color will fade over repeated washes but you’ll never get back the pristine white of your table cloths or shirts or favorite t-shirts. Here are a few tried and tested haldi stain removal tips to help you deal with these stains. Steps to deal with stains 1. Scratch out the stain as soon as possible. Once yo Read More

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