• Plastic wrapped bananas.


    Keep bananas fresh by wraping their tips that detached from the bunch with plastic wrap. Read More

  • Fresh flowers with detergent


      Keep your flowers fresh by adding a teaspoon of any mild detergent. This also helps to revive wilted flowers in a vase. To buy good quality household cleaning products. Read More

  • 5 Uses of Aluminium Foil


      When we think about storing leftover food, the first thing that comes to mind is aluminium foil. No kitchen is complete without aluminium foil. Pranay's Cleanup is one of the largest aluminium foil suppliers in India. Not only is it good for storage and packing food, this item is a must for every household. Today, we bring you five ways you can use this common and essential item. 1.When camping, you can make pots and pans out of aluminium foil for cooking. It is ultra light to carry with your camping gear and serves multiple functions since all you have to do is mould it into the shape you require. An added bonus Read More

  • What does Swachh Bharat tell us about ourselves?


      Swacch Bharat is in essence a simple concept that keeping our surroundings clean is very important. Something that we all should know inherently. However, what boggles the mind is that the Prime Minister of the world's largest democracy has to tell people something that they should be doing anyway.  Credit:     Read More

  • Wipe your couches clean.


      Use a clean and dry wiper to clean your couches. Press and swipe the surface to collect any pet hair, dust and dirt. Read More

  • Get rid of odor with coffee


      Burn a few coffee beans in a saucepan to mask any unpleasant odors. The deliciously alluring smell of coffee will over power the odor. Read More

  • Spring Cleaning with Kids


      Sweep in the spring with a zealous spring cleaning adventure. It’s that time of the year when you’ve got roll up those sleeves so that you can get down and dirty to cleanse your living spaces. The season warming up is a boon to get you in the spirit, but with so much to do, it’s a great idea to ask your kids to chip in the cleaning. Here’s how you can do this successfully. 1. Teamwork Rather setting tasks for individuals do it in teams. Have the father son duo clean the bathrooms, whereby the parent can clean out the toilets and the child can safely help scrub the sink. Pairing up parent Read More

  • Swachh Bharat Abhiyan a mass movement, says Modi


      In response to a motion in RajyaSabha, Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged the countrymen to create healthy competitions on cleanliness and make Swachh Bharat Abhiyan a mass movement. Cradites: Read More

  • Loofah for exfoliation.


      Exfoliate your elbows and knees by moving the loofah in a circular manner over the target areas. Do this regularly for smooth and soft elbows and knees. Read More

  • Refresh your refrigerator


      Soak a cotton ball in vanilla essence and place it onside the fridge to get rid of any odours. You can also use other fragrances of your choice like rose water. Read More

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