Cleaning the Microwave

Tip 68

Aluminium foil to sharpen scissors

Tip 67

Use Salt To Clean Your Iron

Tip 66

Plastic wrapped banana.

Tip 65


Get rid of garlic smell

Tip 61

Tap it to clean it

Tip 60

No More Fingerprints

Tip 59

Get shiny mirrors with old newspaper

Tip 58


Clean the interiors of a microwave oven

Tip 54

Clean shower curtains in the washing machine

Tip 53

Wipe clean windows

Tip 52

Get rid of hard water stains

Tip 51


Waterproof mobiles with plastic wrap

Tip 50

Gliding drawers with soap

Tip 49

Scrub away rust

Tip 48

Plastic wrap shelf liners

Tip 47


Handmade liquid soap

Tip 44

Plastic wrapped bananas.

Tip 43

Fresh flowers with detergent

Tip 42

Wipe your couches clean.

Tip 41


Use Walnut to Get Rid of Scratches from Furniture

Tip 36

Sweep Away Creepy Cobwebs With A Broom.


How to Clean Foggy Glasses

Tip 34

Wash your windows like a pro with a squeegee

Tip 33


Glass Shards

Tip 29

Baking Soda

Tip 28

Get Rid

Tip 27

Cleaning Cup

Tip 26


Clean Maker

Tip 25

Clean Stove

Tip 24

Clean Combs

Tip 23

Remove Wax

Tip 22


Clean Pots

Tip 20

Wood Polish

Tip 19

Kitchen Cleaning

Tip 18

Diwali Cleaning

Tip 17


Furniture Polish

Tip 7

Shiny Doors

Tip 6

Cleanup Hack

Tip 5

Floor Stains

Tip 4