Scrub Pad CU ( S )

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Pack of 12
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Green Pad Small (SKU : CU S )
Length:7.5 cm 
Breadth:7.5 cm  
Height: 8 mm 
Weight :48 gm 
Material used : Nylon
The green pads from Cleanup are made up of high quality nylon which is ultra harsh on stains and ultra easy on your hands. It contains abrasive & alox for removal of stains.These are ideal for greasy surfaces, consumes less cleaning powder or liquid soaps, are hygienic and does not absorbs odour/oils. 

Features: Strong erosion resistance, Powerful cleaning capacity, Harmless to skin, High quality,Long lasting, Does not absorb oil and odour.
Usability: Cleaning utensils, Tiles, Sinks.
Not recommended for:  Not recommended for use on easily scratched surfaces.
How to clean the scrubber: Rinse well under soapy water.
Rinse the scrubber with clean water and permit to air dry.

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