Home Cleaning

  • How to Stick to a Budget !!


      Whether you are a modern nuclear family or large corporate house, everyone wants to know how to stick to a budget. Well, sticking to a budget just got simpler with Cleanup’s Cleaning Combos. Recently launched, our 6 month Cleaning Combo is popular with business houses, hotels, restaurants, shopping complex and malls, as well as families looking to purchase everything they need to meet their cleaning goals without breaking the budget. Cleaning Combo is a great way to make sure you stick to your budget for housekeeping expenses. When you buy a 6 month Cleaning Combo, you get 1 Spin mop 4 Dust free Read More

  • Cleanup after the party!


      Are you planning a party? If yes, then arm yourself with our Cleaning Combo that contains all the household cleaning products you will need to deal with the post party mess in one combo offer delivered to your doorstep. Order a combo and save yourself the headache of shopping or making return trips for a forgotten item. Our customisable combos come at affordable prices and free shipping so that you can cleanup for months.  1. Kitchen Let’s start with the heart of the disaster. Store any leftovers in the fridge with Wrappo aluminium foil. Pile dirty dishes in the sink vertically and according to size to Read More

  • Just mix and use with a mop to get your floors cleaned in a jiffy !!!


    Want clean fresh floors in a jiffy?? Worry not! we bring to you an easy DIY floor Cleaner Recipe with ingredients easily available around the house.  What you need: ¼ cup white vinegar ¼ cup washing soda 1 tablespoon liquid detergent or soap 2 liters hot tap water  mop scrubber (optional, for stubborn stains) empty bottle (for storing and using the mixture) large empty container or bucket (to mix)  Method: Add vinegar, soda, detergent and hot water into the large empty container and mix properly. Make sure there are Read More

  • Floor Cleaning Tip !!!


      Ever wondered how to remove those ugly skid marks from your floors? We bring you this easy genius tip to make floor cleaning easier and get rid of all the skid marks from your floors. Read More

  • No More Cobwebs!!!


    With the festive season approaching, its time to get the home cleaning started! Now clean cobwebs in those hard to reach nooks and corners with this super easy tip.  Read More

  • Habits to Pickup for Cleanliness.


    Cleanliness is next to Godliness. The lesson in cleanliness is very important especially to children as their immunity is not yet developed completely making them more prone to illnesses. Thus it is best to develop the habit of cleanliness from an early age. Here are some habits to pickup for cleanliness. 1. Wash hands regularly to remove dirt and germs. 2. Bathing daily to ensure there is no body odour or build up bacteria or fungus leading to infections. 3. Brushing teeth twice a day helps to reduce the harmful plaque that erodes the enamel while keeping the breath smelling fresh. 4. Clean your home and surrounding Read More

  • DIY Furniture Polish !!!


      No more scratches on the furniture! We bring you an easy DIY Furniture Polish recipe to make your wooden furniture shine like new again! Read More

  • 10 Minutes to Get Your Home Ready for Guests


    It’s the weekend or your day off after a hectic week and you’re lazing around when you get ‘The Call.’ “Hey, I’m near your place. We’ll be there in 10 minutes.” We’ve all had these calls from relatives, friends, neighbors and colleagues. The house is a mess and could easily pass for a war zone. Don’t panic. Here’s a 10 minute guide to get your home ready for your impromptu guests. Remember, most guests will not go around inspecting your house and passing judgment. We will focus on 5 spaces guests are most likely to use. Grab a laundry basket, a damp clo Read More

  • Get rid of those holiday stains


    Stains are inevitable when we think of celebrations. Split wine, grease and the art courtesy of children leave us with great stories to tell but some of the toughest stains to get rid of. Here is a chart to help you deal with these stains with simple ingredients like vinegar, alcohol, detergent, lemon juice and water.  Read More

  • 10 Habits for a clean house everyday


    Clean house is everybody’s dream, but with stressful and busy lifestyle it often takes a backseat. But this need not be the case, we bring to you 10 habits that you can develop overtime with very less effort and even when you have little time on your hands:    1. Set Time: Create a time frame for 10-15 minutes each day that you devote to house cleaning. Put things in their right places, dust off your furniture, just clean house for those assigned minutes. This will create a daily routine and a habit for you to clean.  2. Invest in baskets or large containers: Need to clean house in a hurry or can& Read More