10 Habits for a clean house everyday

26-06-2017 | House Cleaning, Cleaner, Clean House

Author :- Pranay Impex

Clean house is everybody’s dream, but with stressful and busy lifestyle it often takes a backseat. But this need not be the case, we bring to you 10 habits that you can develop overtime with very less effort and even when you have little time on your hands: 


1. Set Time: Create a time frame for 10-15 minutes each day that you devote to house cleaning. Put things in their right places, dust off your furniture, just clean house for those assigned minutes. This will create a daily routine and a habit for you to clean. 

Set Time

2. Invest in baskets or large containers: Need to clean house in a hurry or can’t decide where what item should go? Put it all in a big basket or container and you can sort through it later. But keep in mind that this is just a temporary fix and you will need to eventually sort through the basket to keep everything back in its place.

Invest in baskets or large containers

3. Two minute rule: If a cleaning activity takes two minutes or less do it now instead of putting it off for later. Think of it as checking off something from your checking list! This will prevent many things from piling up and will help you maintain a clean house on a daily basis.

 Two minute rule

4. Return items nightly: Each night go through each room and pick up the stuff off floors and return them to their correct place. This helps house cleaning easier for the next day.

5. Keep counters clear: This habit may seem too simple to create an impact but it does have a huge role in the long run. Cleaner countertops give a sense of organisation which gets you motivated to keep the house clean on a daily basis.

Keep counters clear

6. Tackle one room at a time: Every time you take up a huge task of house cleaning or start spring cleaning, always start small. Take up one room at a time and move to the other only once you are done with the first. This is to prevent you from feeling overwhelmed and losing heart to finish up the project.

Tackle one room at a time

7. Make your bed each morning: Nothing makes your room look more tidy and cleaner than a made up bed. By doing this each morning, you kick start your day with a clean mind that will keep the whole process going. 

Make your bed each morning

8. Decluttering: The key to a clean house is decluttering! Always declutter periodically and whenever you get the chance, this helps you create space and gives you an idea on how to better store everything.


9. Think before you buy: Always, always think twice while making any purchase. We all have limited storage space in our homes and unnecessary stuff will just add to the clutter and the stress of cleaning and organising that comes with it.

Think before you buy

10. Have a routine – and stick to it: Once the routine of cleaning has started to set it, stick to it. This can be hard sometimes, when you are tires or running low on time, but keeping up with it will go a very long way! 

Have a routine – and stick to it

So now, start working on these habits and let’s clean up!!


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