10 Minutes to Get Your Home Ready for Guests

24-07-2017 | Speed Cleaning, Cleaning House, 10 Minutes

Author :- Harshita

Home Cleaning

It’s the weekend or your day off after a hectic week and you’re lazing around when you get ‘The Call.’ “Hey, I’m near your place. We’ll be there in 10 minutes.” We’ve all had these calls from relatives, friends, neighbors and colleagues. The house is a mess and could easily pass for a war zone. Don’t panic. Here’s a 10 minute guide to get your home ready for your impromptu guests.

Remember, most guests will not go around inspecting your house and passing judgment. We will focus on 5 spaces guests are most likely to use. Grab a laundry basket, a damp cloth and cleaning spray, and off you go. The idea is to walk through from the door into the house taking the path guests are most likely to take.

1. Entryway

Pick up any piling letters or utility bills, old socks and stray articles and put them in the basket to deal with later. Put shoes back into cabinets. Wipe down any dusty surfaces.

2. Living room

Pick up any clothes, toys, cluttered articles and dump them into the basket. Arrange all the electronic gadgets according to size next to the TV. Straighten the couch, turn the seats if there are any stains or pet fur on them, and fluff the cushions. Wipe down the table and any other surfaces.

3. Bathroom

Clean the sink. Wipe the toilet seat and flush, and then put a little toilet cleaner and detergent in the pot. Wipe down the mirror. Put out a new bar of soap and spray air freshener. Change the hand towels. Flush the toilet on your way out.

4. Dining room

Remove any used dishes, food containers and random bits and pieces that pile up on the dining table. Wipe down the table top and push in the chairs.

5. Kitchen

Clear away the used dishes by either putting them away in the sink, baskets or piling them according to size vertically to save space, and wipe down the counter tops. Now, you’re in the safe zone because it’s normal for guests to find you cleaning your kitchen. You can even get started on tea or a snack for the guests.

If the basket gets filled, get another one. You can also use separate baskets for every space you clean if you don’t want to mix things up. Make sure to put away all the baskets in a space you’re guests are least likely to enter; garage, spare room, personal bathroom attached to the master, storeroom. Use buckets, tubs and even garbage disposal bags instead of baskets.

Remember to go around the house and close any doors to the rooms you don’t want your guests accidentally entering. This also helps to hide the cluttered personal spaces and you can hide those baskets here. You can light incense sticks, scented candles, spray air freshener and play soft music to enhance the clean light mood.

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