3 Steps to Refresh Your Refrigerator

09-11-2017 | Sponge Wipes, Scrub Pad

Author :- Harshita

Sponge Wipe

Cleaning kitchens and its many appliances can often be one of the most daunting tasks. The most popular appliance in our kitchens is a refrigerator, the magical machine that freezes the kulfi and sets the ice cream while also storing leftovers from dinner for a quick breakfast fix. Right from prep work to acting as storage space for perishable vegetables and adding shelf life to many of our products like chutneys and sauces, the refrigerator is invaluable to every home.

Unfortunately, we seldom take time to clean it up. We can all attest to having ignored deep cleaning a refrigerator until it gives off the smell of old yeast or stinks of rotten food. With this article, we will try to pave the way to redeem ourselves and refresh our refrigerators with just 3 steps.

1) Freezer: 

Remove all the items in the freezer. Dispose all the expired and stale food. Divide the rest of the items into perishable and non perishable. Tip: Keep a marker handy to write the date of first placing the items in the freezer so that you know how long it has been there and consume the older items before the most recent purchases. Restock the items in neat piles. Tip: To save time, place the items to be consumed first at the forefront or on top.

2) Fridge:

a) Remove all the detachable parts and trays. Soak these in a tub or plug the sink and fill with warm soapy water. Tip: Add a bit of lemon or vinegar for an extra deep clean.

b) Use kitchen sponge wipes to wipe the sides and interiors of the fridge with a good quality non-toxic cleaner. Tip: These super absorbent kitchen sponge wipes make cleaning less messy and much faster so we recommend you throw the towel and pick up some of these Cleanup wipes.

c) Scrub pad and clean the detachable parts and trays. Once dry, put them back in. Tip: To avoid having to deal with messy spills and scratches on the trays, add shelf liners that are easy to clean.

 d) Go ahead and restock your fridge just like the freezer.

3) Deodorize:

Place a cotton ball soaked in vanilla/chocolate essence or rose water, or simply place half a lemon in the fridge door or tray. Tip: Once placed, it will keep the fridge smelling fresh and fragrant for a few weeks before it needs to be replaced.

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