4 House Cleaning Tips from Pros

29-12-2017 | Home Cleaning

Author :- Harshita

We spend hours cleaning our homes and doing the daily chores, often feeling too tired and disheveled to enjoy the holiday season. Ever wonder how the cleaning experts and professionals zoom through these tasks effortlessly? We’ve got the inside secrets to cleaning from the pros. Check out these pocket-friendly tips and save time and money.

1. Plastic knife for soap scum

Get rid of soap scum with a simple plastic knife or old credit/debit card. Cleaning ceramic tiles and tubs can be a big pain. Instead rubbing out the scum, simply scrape it with a cheap plastic knife.

2. Feather duster to bust dust

When dusting blinds, hard to reach places and little knick-knacks, always use a feather duster instead of a cloth duster to save time. Feather dusters are a lot more effective. In case of a lot of dust build-up, a vacuum is preferable to a cloth.

3. Baby oil for smudge free kitchen

Remove the annoying fingerprints and smudges from the stainless steel appliances and surfaces in the kitchen with this time saving trick. Pour a little baby oil on a piece of cloth and wipe all the surfaces. This prevents future stains and cuts down your cleaning time.

4. Wiper/Squeegee to clean glass windows

Traditionally, we use newspapers or a piece of cloth to clean windows. However, this often leaves streaks on the glass. A time saving alternative is to use a short handled wiper or squeegee and water or cleaning solution.

Do you have any cleaning tips for the holiday season? Share them with us in the comments below and get a chance to be featured on our blog.

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