5 Preventive measures to protect your child from diseases

17-07-2017 | Diseases, Child, Protected

Author :- Pranay Impex

Protect your child from diseases

Children are very much prone to catching diseases and falling ill frequently as they come in contact with a lot of germs and bacteria in their daily activities. In order to safeguard them from these diseases, there are some easy to implement preventive measures:

1. Vaccinations: Vaccinations are the first and foremost the most essential form of protection for a child from diseases. The pediatrician will be the correct person to ensure your child is getting the right vaccinations at the right time.

2. Fresh Food: Fresh food prepared and stored in hygienic conditions is always advised to protect the child from food borne diseases. Its is also recommended to buy products that have least amount of preservatives and always check for expiry dates.

3. Hydration: Water is the golden liquid that provides life. It is always recommended to stay hydrated as it flushes out the system of toxins. Water also helps keep their immunity high and diseases at bay.

4. Medication: The process of healing must always start as soon as the symptoms of any illness are observed. The sneezing and coughing of a child or even a stomach ache are proof enough that the germs have already found a way inside their systems. It is recommended that the medication must start immediately and the child must be taken to a pediatrician.

5. Hygiene: Hygienic conditions and proper sanitation at home are highly crucial for the child’s health. Basic hygiene practices such as washing hands before eating and after using the toilets, using clean towels, maintaining clean toilets are very much essential to keep diseases at bay. 

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