6 Money-saving ways to clean a dirty bathroom

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How to clean your bathroom on a budget

Cleaning the bathroom is the kind of chore that just keeps getting put off – it’s too big a job, and can be pricey too.

Cleaning products are expensive, the scrubbing can go on for hours and the sprays and bleaches can include toxic ingredients, such as 2-butoxyethanol, which can be dangerous to touch and inhale.

But have no fear, you can use these simple, natural remedies to get rid of dirt and grime and leave your bathroom - and your bank balance – sparkling.

Home science

Make baking soda and white vinegar your new best friends. Pour a mixture of half a cup of baking soda and half a cup of white vinegar down the toilet bowl, leave for a few hours and flush away to spruce it up and remove stains – no scrubbing needed!

The pair even make unclogging drains easy, too. Mix a quarter of a cup of baking soda with one cup of vinegar and pour it down your drain. Wash out with boiling water half an hour later for sparkling clean drains and pipes.

You can also make a paste by mixing baking soda with a little water; spread it on grout or use it to wipe down surfaces for an all-round clean.

Keep these ingredients in your cupboard for a quick fix whenever you need it.

Natural citrus

Cleaning the shower head can be tricky and risks leaving the harsh chemical residue to fall on your hair and skin during your next shower. Instead of using shop-bought sprays simply fill a plastic bag with lemon juice and dunk the shower head in it so it’s fully covered by the juice. Tie the bag securely and leave overnight, then rinse off in the morning.

Squeegee it

Eco-friendly cleaning product company method recommend: "Prevent a build-up of mildew in your bath or shower by squeegeeing the walls (it’s a specific kind of window cleaning sponge) after each use. It helps keep your tub clean, prevents mildew and is an excellent arm workout."

Fizzy pop

Pour a can of Coca-Cola down your toilet bowl and leave for a few hours, or even overnight if you have big stains, and flush away in the morning. The acidity of the Coke will break down stains and leave the toilet shining.

No streaks

A streaky mirror can make a bathroom look dirty no matter how clean your sink and tiles are. Get rid of toothpaste splashes, finger marks and hairspray by sponging a mirror with rubbing alcohol, working quickly so it doesn't dry, then spraying the mirror with a one-part-vinegar to four-parts-water solution.

Wipe the mirror down with a microfibre cloth; these work better than normal cloths because the fibres pick up dirt rather than just spreading it around the glass.

Double up

Your personal bathroom products can also work wonders at no extra cost. Shampoo and body wash are great cleaners for the bath tub and shower.

Simply squirt on and wipe down with a wet sponge. If you don't fancy using your luxury hair products to wash out the bathroom, supermarket budget versions work a treat and can cost as little as 10p a bottle.


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