15 Car Cleaning Hacks

29-05-2017 | Cleaning, Car

Author :- Harshita

Car Cleaning Hacks

1.Use an old shaving brush to dust between the AC vents. Alternatively, you can also use a cheap foam brush or paint brush. Keep a vacuum cleaner handy and immediately collect the dust before it settles on other surfaces of the car.

2.This vacuum + brush combo can be used to clean various surfaces, buttons, handles and knobs in the car. 

3.Clean out the air filters to get rid of dust balls and stale smells. Dab essential oils to the vents or leave a cotton ball soaked in your favourite essence in the car to deodorize it. You can also keep the fresh and clean smell after cleaning with a baking soda air freshener.

4.Collect the little tidbits forgotten trash from every nook and cranny into a plastic grocery bag for easy disposal. Be sure to slide the car seats all the way back and forward.

5.Take out your floor mats and vacuum the floors. Hose down the floor mats. You can also soak the floor mats in a soapy solution to deal with difficult stains.

6.Use a fine-bristled brush (like a toothbrush) to get dirt and crumbs out from the seams of your seat cushions. Then vacuum up.

7.Place a paper on the seats and iron to remove any melted wax or crayon stains from your fabric of the upholstery.

8.Clean the dirt embedded in the crevices with gentle scrubbing using a toothbrush. You may use a little dish soap diluted with water where necessary.

9.Pull on a pair of old socks on your hands and simply run your hands over various surfaces to clean the dust that accumulates over time.

10.Instead buying expensive waxes and polishes, use olive oil to condition and polish the leather on your dashboard.

11.Clean out human and animal hair from the upholstery with a spray bottle of water and a squeegee. You can also use a pair of latex gloves instead of a squeegee.

12.For a clean, clear and shiny windshield, pour the good old coca-cola on the glass. Beware: don’t let the car paint soak in the soda for long as it may harm the paint. It is best to clean it up immediately after you pour the cold drink on the glass. 

13.This coca-cola method works on your headlights and tail lights as well! You can also shine up the cloudy headlights with toothpaste and water.

14.Clean marks from the surfaces in your car with rubbing alcohol. You can also wipe down your windshield wipers with rubbing alcohol to prevent a scratches and a smeared windshield.

15.Hose down the car wheels with a jet spray to loosen the mud and get shiny wheel caps.

So,are you all geared up to tackle your car this summer? Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments and we’ll be to update the article next time round. Also check out our article ‘Clean Your Car at Home.’  

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