A Men's Guide to Valentine's Cleaning

12-02-2018 | Men,Cleaning,Spring,Valentines Day

Author :- Harshita


With Valentine’s Day only a fortnight away, it’s time for the men to suit up in your superman cleaning suits and prepare to dazzle your better halves. All you have to do is follow 5 steps to sweep your beloved off her feet.

1. Lights and glasses.
Grab a piece of clean dry kitchen sponge and wipe all the tube lights, bulbs and light sources. Next, grab a short wiper and soap solution to clean those windows to let light into your house. Remember to clean both the inside and outside of the windows and glasses. While you’re at it, also wipe clean any mirrors in the house. You’ll be surprised what an impact this makes in the brightness and light in your homes.

2. Dusting the cobwebs.
Use a clean and preferably new dust free grass broom to get to all creepy cobwebs lurking in the corners. Pass the broom over any raised surfaces to get all the dirt and dust accumulated in those difficult to reach places. Use the broom to sweep the dust and follow with the effective but easy to use spin mop to clean the floors.

3. Kitchen, bathrooms and laundry.
Scrub and wipe the counter tops and sinks in the kitchen and bathrooms. If you’re a good cook, go ahead and do some prep work for a special meal you want cook to impress your partner. Or you can order something beforehand and place it in the oven/fridge. Put all the things in the right places and throw in a load of laundry. Set out fresh linens, towels and sheets.

4. De-clutter and handyman jobs.
Here’s your chance to deliver on the consistent complains about little details that need seeing to. A loose nail, a broken door knob, a spoiled bulb or creaking doors, go around the house and fix any of those tasks you have been perpetually procrastinating. Pick up your piling mails and little knick knacks spread all over the dressing table and put everything where it belongs. Assemble similar items together in order of size or colour.

5. Get the flowers.
And gentlemen, for the magic trick, get the flowers. Not only will they leave a refreshing lingering scent in the air, they are guaranteed to melt your beloved’s heart. Beware: Please check for any pollen allergies and specific favourites.

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