Habits to Pickup for Cleanliness.

31-07-2017 | Habits, Cleanliness

Author :- Harshita

Habits to Pickup for Cleanliness

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. The lesson in cleanliness is very important especially to children as their immunity is not yet developed completely making them more prone to illnesses. Thus it is best to develop the habit of cleanliness from an early age. Here are some habits to pickup for cleanliness.

1. Wash hands regularly to remove dirt and germs.

2. Bathing daily to ensure there is no body odour or build up bacteria or fungus leading to infections.

3. Brushing teeth twice a day helps to reduce the harmful plaque that erodes the enamel while keeping the breath smelling fresh.

4. Clean your home and surroundings for a cleaner environment.

5. De-clutter your space by putting away your clothes rather than letting them pile up in a corner.

6. Donate, recycle or get rid of any extra items that you do not need. The more the stuff, the more the clutter, which isn’t conducive to a clean and orderly home.

7. Recycle papers that are useless. You can also opt to go digital wherever possible to encourage eco-friendly methods.

8. Wipe any surfaces after use so that there is no accumulation of dirt, dust, grease, grime, grout or even tasks.

9. Use the bed for sleeping and not storing junk.

10. Buy and keep only the minimal amount of pillows, cushions and beddings. This makes it easier to make the bed every morning.

11. Put back the shoes and coats in the cabinets to free up space on the floor and walls.

12. Make a roaster for kitchen duty to ensure the dirty dishes are cleaned and put away immediately after cooking.

13. Make it a point to put away things after using them so that it is easier to find things when they are kept in their designated places.

14. Regular dusting and cleaning cobwebs to keep the space presentable.

15. Storing extra food or leftovers in appropriate containers.

16. Spreading awareness about cleanliness.

17. Organizing cleanliness drives.

Adopting these habits will keep encourage cleanliness and hence a clean, neat, and tidy home. How do you cultivate habits of cleanliness and neatness in your children and social circles? Share your methods and tips with us in the comment section below!

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