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09-04-2018 | Floor Cleaning, Wiper, Wiper Online, Floor Cleaning With Wiper

Author :- Harshita

Floor cleaning

There is something appealing about a clean and shining floor that spells a good home. We have all been to many homes and places in our lives but the first thing you notice about homes are the floor, whether it is hardwood, tile, marble, stone or concrete. Floors add value to your home. You may walk bare feet on these surfaces or you may have a little kid crawling all over these surfaces until they are ready to take their first steps. It is therefore essential to keep your floor clean and hygienic. We bring you tips that’ll make this project a little easier and fun.

1. Use a wiper

To maintain that new gloss and shine of your ceramic tile floors, use a wiper or squeegee similar to the way you’d clean a car wind shield or windows. Spread a lukewarm soapy solution on the floor with a wet mop or sponge and then wipe it away with a wiper. It is effective and puts less strain on your back especially if you use a long wiper.

2. Vinegar

To renew and refresh your dull floor, make a solution with 3 cups of vinegar in half a liter of warm water. Spread this mixture on the floor with a mop and allow it to air dry. This will bring the sparkle and life back into the floors of your home sweet home. Beware: Never use vinegar to clean marble floors
3. Remove wax using a flat iron

While we all love to set the mood with soothing scented candles, the wax drips and it can be a very annoying to clean up. Not to worry. First off, if the wax is wet, let it cool or use an ice cube till it solidifies, then using a blunt knife or plastic card, scrap away as much wax as you can. To get rid of any other residues, place lots of paper towels on it and pass your warmed flat iron on it. The wax will melt and stick to the towels so that you’ll have speck free floors.

4. Ice the gum

Chewing gum is one of the most annoying things to get rid of. If you’ve ever had the misfortune of stepping on some or a prank with gum on your seat, you’ll agree to the universal fact that the more you try to remove the more it sticks. Not any more. Use an ice cube to freeze the gum on your shoe or floor by simply placing the ice cube on it till hardens to the point of near freezing. Then use an old credit card or hard plastic card and lift it off with ease. 

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