5 Household cleaning products that make life simpler

27-02-2017 | Household Cleaning Products, Spring cleaning, Grass broom, Spin mops, Floor wiper, Pranay’s Cleanup, household cleaning products online, cleaning spider webs, sponge wipe, twist mop, wipers, stainless steel scrubbers, green scrub pads

Author :- Harshita

5 Household Cleaning Products That Make Life Simpler 

With the spring on the horizon, we’re all set to bask in the blissful warmth of the Sun after cold winter days. But with the bloom of flowers, comes the fervent spirit of spring cleaning. While cleaning is a necessity, many novices and working professionals do not have the time to purchase cleaning products like the grass broom, spin mops, wipers etc. Pranay’s Cleanup, a leading brand, brings to you an opportunity to purchase household cleaning products online. In this article, we’ll guide you on the basic and most essential products you may require during your cleaning adventure.

1. Grass Broom The most important tool when cleaning and thus it ranks first on our list. It can perform a variety of functions from dusting windows and fans, sweeping floors and cleaning spider webs. (Checkout this tip) A dust pan compliments the broom by making the collection and disposal of rubbish collected easier.

2. Sponge WipeThese absorbent wipes are hygienic & durable. They are made from natural origin pure cellulose, which is eco-friendly, bacteria resistant and biodegradable. It is particularly useful in cleaning kitchen slabs, bathroom tiles and wooden floors. Tip: keep spray bottles containing liquid cleaner handy for effortless cleaning.

3. Mop Opt for either a Twist Mop or a Spin Mop to make moping not only easy but fun. You’ll be surprised when your kids and family or even room-mates are volunteering to clean up. It is also a very handy tool to soak up any spills on just about any stype of floor. Cleaning and wringing these mops is very simple and you can just let it air dry or place in a bucket after use.

4. ScrubberTackle stains in both, kitchens and bathrooms, armed with a scrubber to get rid of the stubborn grout in an instant. You can purchase stainless steel scrubbers for tough stains on utensils and different metal surfaces, or opt for the green scrub pads for a gentler cleaning.

5. Floor Wiper A multi-purpose tool that will solve enumerable problems. These rubber tipped wipers are effective for cleaning all just about any surface. They come in various sizes; long handled for effortless floor cleaning, and short handled for easy grip to clean bathroom or kitchen tiles and slabs.

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