How to Remove Pet Hair

16-04-2018 | cat, dog, pet hair, furniture, carpet, floor

Author :- Harshita

How to Remove Pet Hair 

We all ‘ooh’ and ‘aww’ every time we see cute adorable dogs and lazy cats snoozing on a couch or rolling on a bed, but those of us who have had to clean up after a pet know the pains involved in getting rid of pet hair. At least twice a year when the season changes and this shedding of pet hair peaks, it can get bothersome and truly trying to continuously clean the house. Here are tips to help you tackle the pet hair and breathe easier.

  • First off tackle your pet with a pet fur comb. Pass the comb over the coat in the direction of the hair growth. Do a thorough job. If you have more than one pet, take turns on each of them. Remember to remove the accumulated hair on the teeth of the comb for better results. This will help you get most of the hair that is likely to fall off.

  • Next, we’ll get the hair off beds and couches. If you have a leather couch, count yourself lucky. Otherwise, grab a clean and dry kitchen sponge. Simply pass this over the surface and it will pick up the pet hair. You can also opt to use a wet rubber glove, or a wiper/squeegee instead of a kitchen sponge. Another creative option is to use cello tape, wrapped around your fingers with the sticky side out.

  • The hair stuck on your clothes can also be picked up in a similar manner.

  • For pet hair on the floor, you can use a dust free grass broom and collect it by simply sweeping.

  • Now, if you have to break out the vacuum to pick up the remaining hair especially from carpets, here’s a tip. In a spray bottle, add a spoonful of fabric softener and fill it with water. Shake the mixture and spray on your carpet. Leave it to sit for about 5-10 minutes. Then vacuum it and there you have it. Clean carpets like magic.

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