How to Stick to a Budget !!

14-09-2017 | Cleaning Combo, Spin Mop, Dust Free Grass Brooms, Kitchen Wipers, Bathroom and Floor Wipers, Loofah, Aluminium Foil, Foam Pads, Steel Scrub Pads, Stainless Steel Scrub Pads, Scrubbers, Green Pads, Sponge Wipes

Author :- Harshita

 Cleaning Combo

Whether you are a modern nuclear family or large corporate house, everyone wants to know how to stick to a budget. Well, sticking to a budget just got simpler with Cleanup’s Cleaning Combos. Recently launched, our 6 month Cleaning Combo is popular with business houses, hotels, restaurants, shopping complex and malls, as well as families looking to purchase everything they need to meet their cleaning goals without breaking the budget.

Cleaning Combo is a great way to make sure you stick to your budget for housekeeping expenses. When you buy a 6 month Cleaning Combo, you get

  • 1 Spin mop
  • 4 Dust free grass brooms
  • 2 Short handle easy grip kitchen wipers
  • 2 Long handle Pluto bathroom and floor wipers
  • 2 Loofahs
  • 3 Wrappo aluminium foil packs of 72 metres each
  • 6 Foam pads
  • 4 Steel scrub pads
  • 5 Stainless steel scrub pads
  • 10 Scrubbers
  • 10 Green pads
  • 12 Sponge wipes

What more do you need to clean your kitchens, bathrooms and every other corner in the house! Not only do you get to buy the products in one haul, you also save up to Rs. 2000 on your housekeeping expenses. With Cleanup’s 6 month Cleaning Combo, get goods worth Rs. 5499 at a killer price of Rs. 3499 and enjoy peace of mind all year round with 2 orders in a year. What are you waiting for? Save money. Stick to the budget.

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Cleaning Combo

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