5 Items You Use Every Day That Require Immediate Cleaning.

21-05-2018 | Cleaning

Author :- Harshita

5 Items You Use Every Day That Require Immediate Cleaning. 

Every day we use n number of items. Some would say we also clean many, but when was the last time you cleaned your toothbrush? You rinse it every day, but is that really sufficient? Here’s a list of 5 items you use on a daily basis that require immediate cleaning if you really care about the health of your loved ones.

1. Combs and tooth brushes - Dirt and oil from your hair accumulate in your combs, while food particles and residual tooth paste collect at the floor of your tooth brush. It is thus important to clean these daily use items we use for our grooming. Don’t just rinse it with water, run them through hot water. You can also use an old tooth brush to clean between the spikes of your comb, whereas, your tooth brush can benefit from a soak in an alcohol based mouthwash.

2. Remotes - It could be the TV remote, the A/C remote, the home theatre remote or even a garage remote. We touch them when cooking. We touch them when eating. We touch them with dirty hands after a day of work and clean hands right before a meal. This is probably the number one germ transfer agents and breeding grounds in your home. Keep them clean by using a cotton swab soaked in rubbing alcohol to wipe thoroughly.

3. Vegetable chopping boards - We chop everything from vegetables to fruits and even finished meals like spring rolls on these boards. It is a constant companion for every kitchen and ideal for all sorts of prep work. But we often forget to clean it thoroughly. The minute cuts and cracks in the boards act as a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. You can clean it by wiping it with a soft cloth soaked in white vinegar or rubbing salt/lemon on it.

4. Mobile phones - Everyone is constantly attached to their phone all day long. One of the most used gadgets and least cleaned items in your home. You can clean it with a soft cloth or disinfectant wipe. Remember to dry it thoroughly before switching it on.

5. Handbags and wallets – Not even counting the fact you carry germ ridden money in your wallets and handbags, these items are known to go just about everywhere with you, even the loo. You need to find an appropriate cleaning method depending on the material and make of your wallet, especially if it’s leather. But make sure to dust it regularly.

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