Let Your Home Celebrate This Holiday Season !!!

12-12-2016 | Holiday, Christmas, Clean, Chores

Author :- Harshita

Let Your Home Celebrate This Holiday Season.

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way! Yes, you guessed right. With Christmas only a fortnight away, we’re all in the holiday spirit. Shopping gifts for the kids and prepping the house for a warm welcome to the family and friends likely to visit, we are looking forward to spend quality time with our loved ones. Unfortunately, this means putting in grueling hours to decorate your Christmas trees with perfect ornaments and clean your house from the kitchen to the bathrooms floors.

Amid all the chaos, we bring you a guide to get your house holiday-ready and guest-proof so that you can enjoy a stress-free holiday. This guide is a step to ensure that while everyone is sharing traditional meals and celebrating, you’re not left to tackle the dirty dishes, laundry and chores after the guests leave. Here’s a holiday guide to help you remember the key parts of your house and tips to deal with them efficiently.

1. Walk through the house, and make a master list of all the areas that need to be cleaned. Focus on public areas i.e. rooms used by houseguests, kitchen and bathroom. Include special holiday tasks such as setting up a Christmas tree and ironing table linens.

2. Make a household chore list and delegate routine cleaning chores to family members. You can pin up the chore list on the refrigerator for accountability and reminders.

3. Tackle one or two deep cleaning chores from the master list every other day. A thorough cleaning before Christmas ensures that everything is spotless and tidy before your guests arrive and it will also minimize the time you spend cleaning post the celebrations. Here’s a pre-celebration checklist to help you;

a. Clean any special dishes, glassware, and cutlery.
b. Organize the seating arrangement and keep extra chairs handy.
c. Consider using paper plates (ideally, disposable and recyclable ones) and napkins at buffet meals for ease.
d. Shake out or iron any table linens.
e. Dust the carpets and upholstery.
f. Empty dustbins and ensure enough dustbins are placed to allow easy access to guests.
g. Distribute tissue boxes around the areas guests are likely to use.
h. Deal with the laundry and dirty dishes beforehand.
i. Do a quick clean of the toilets and hand basins.
j. When shopping, ensure you are stocked up on washing detergent, rubbish bags, and other cleaning supplies.
k. Take decorations out of storage. Check and replace any missing bulbs on strings of lights.

Remember to purchase or launder or dry clean any special outfits you plan to wear for the special occasion. Don’t forget to break out the air fresheners before your guests arrive and place those gifts under the tree.

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