Natural remedies for mosquito bites and dengue prevention

01-05-2017 | Natural Remedies, Mosquito Bites, Dengue Prevention

Author :- Harshita

As we gear up to beat the heat, we must also arm ourselves to fight against mosquito borne diseases like chikungunya, dengue, malaria, etc. Staying clean and keeping our environment clean is part and parcel of cleanliness. However, there are certain mosquitoes that breed even in clean water. Read our article to Get rid of mosquitoes naturally. You can also prevent the spread of dengue with the following tips.

Mosquito bite remedies

  • Burn dry neem leaves. All you have to do is collect a bunch of neem leaves from the common neem tree, leave out in the sun for a few days to dry. Once dry, burn the leaves and let the smoke reach all corners of the house. This will kill all the hidden mosquitoes instantly.

  • Get neem oil (it is easily available in the market or you can ask a chemist). You can apply this neem oil to your skin as a lotion or spray to repel mosquitoes. If you don’t want to apply it directly to your skin, you can also get neem oil candles and lamps to burn around your home.

  • Burn coconut husk. Like the smoke from neem leaves, this is also an effective method of killing mosquitoes sans the harmful toxins and chemicals.

  • Another method is eating a lot of garlic. Although it is an uncommon way, it helps you repel mosquitoes. When you garlic, your skin pores release garlic oil which repels mosquitoes.

  • Prevent mosquito from breeding in and around your house by clearing away any water. Do not let the water to accumulate inside or outside your homes, bathrooms or balconies.

  • Pour a little kerosene oil on the water in your cooler. This kerosene will float on the water and kill the mosquito larva. We also recommend emptying, drying and refilling the cooler on a weekly basis.

  • Sleep in a mosquito net. You can never be too sure to have gotten rid of mosquitoes. This is especially necessary for children and babies.

If you get bitten by mosquitoes, you can treat the immediate itch and sting with one of these natural remedies.


 Natural Remedies for Mosquito Bites and Dengue Prevention

Remember, it is important to seek medical attention if you notice any of the symptoms of these mosquito borne diseases. Be alert and keep your homes mosquito free. Please also share this article with your friends and family. If we left out any tips or a particular trick you use works better in repelling mosquitoes, share them with us in the comment section and help us win this fight against mosquitoes.

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