New Year Resolutions For A Cleaner 2017

26-12-2016 | New Year Resolutions, 2017, Clean

Author :- Harshita

New Year Resolutions for a Cleaner 2017

1. Make your bed every morning to have a tidier and cleaner start to your day. Not only is it easier to get the bed cleaned first thing once you get up, it also prevents the piling of things on a messy bed. Psychologically, it also pushes you to get off to a better start of the day.

2. Clean out the refrigerator weekly to get rid of those leftovers and expired products. While you’re at it, also make a list of any items that need to be replenished or bought for the upcoming week. This will make grocery shopping so much easier that you’ll be glad to have invested the extra ten minutes to clean out the fridge.

3. Deep clean the kitchen at least once a month. Leave your cleaning products to do their work. Soak it and wait for 15 minutes to soften the grease and grout. The longer you soak it, the less you’ll need to scrub it.

4. Clean the bathroom once a week. This ensures that the gross stuff doesn’t build up and makes the cleaning much less time consuming. You’ll be surprised when having a clean bathroom takes no more than 30 minutes. In fact why not order a pizza and get cleaning so that you can reward yourself for the job well done.

5. Wipe the counter tops and sinks on a daily basis. You can either do it every morning before cleaning the house of every night right before you sleep. Make it a permanent fixture in your daily routine for a fresh looking bathroom and kitchen.

6. Opt for air fresheners in flavours or scents you actually really like. A soothing aroma goes a long way in making a place feel clean and fresh. It will also make the home experience an enticing and calm one.

7. Use garbage bags and disposable bags to line your dustbins and trashcans. This will make cleaning the dustbins a lot easier. Taking out the trash is an easy and hustle free experience. It will also reduce the flies and smell that are constants around the trashcan.

8. Remember to soak the pans and utensils after you use. This makes it easier to remove the grease and food stains. Soaking does not allow the leftovers to stick to your plates and utensils, making the cleaning process a less time taking procedure.

9. Clean out your wardrobes every month to reduce the piles of laundry scattered all over the house and put away your daily wear clothes. It’ll also help you to get rid of the older out of use clothes and mix up the ones you wear daily to create new combinations.

10. De-clutter your living space by getting rid of any items that are not functional and using smart organizing baskets. Remember, the less stuff you have on your surfaces, the lesser the space for dust to settle and lesser the items for you to clean.

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