Pre and post Holi clean up guide

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Author :- Harshita

Pre and Post Holi Clean Up Guide 

Lots and lots of colours. The fun and cheer of Holi sure leaves its mark. It’s inevitable not to get carried away when throwing colour balloons and gulal on friends and family. You only have to relive the many colours of Holi every time you look into a mirror for a couple of days or weeks, depending how much fun you had. For those who have to return to work on Tuesday, it’s a race against time to scrub away as much colour as possible. Here are a few tips that could come in handy.

Pre-Holi (Night before or morning of Holi)

1. Moisturise with an oil or petroleum base cream/lotion like Vaseline. Use liberal amounts for effective results. Don’t forget the lips.

2. Apply oil, preferably coconut oil to your hair and scalp. Ladies with long hair should put it up in a bun or braid. You could also consider styling up with a turban or patka.

3. Apply oil to the behind and inside the ears, in the navel, between toes and fingers, on the neck and shoulders, arms and legs. This makes it easier to get rid of colour later.

4. Apply nail polish to the nails. Yes, even boys can apply transparent nail colour to save their cuticles.

5. Keep hydrated by drinking lots of non-carbonated drinks. Drinking water is the best.

6. Wear close toed shoes to protect your feet and toes.

On the morning of Holi, apply a layer of waterproof sunscreen or make up.


a) Do not scrub or ex foliate to remove the colour.

b) Avoid soap or face wash. Use mild soap or a home made mixture of gram flour/besan and milk.

c) Rinse your hair thoroughly before shampooing to get rid of most of the colour.

d) If you applied oil and Vaseline, getting the colour off becomes easier and faster.

e) Soak your hands and toes in lukewarm water and scrub with a sliced lemon to clean out the difficult colour stains.

f) Moisturising is key to healthy skin after Holi to protect your skin from becoming dry and rough.

g) Do not go for facials, waxing or other cosmetic procedures for at least 2 days after Holi.

Be sure to share this post with family and friends. Check out our post "5 Tips for Post Holi Cleaning" for how to get rid of stains after Holi. Now that you've armed with this Holi guide, go out and have fun, but don't forget to arm yourself with gulal and balloons. Have a Safe and Colourful Holi.

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