Take the 10 Spot Test to check whether your house is really clean.

28-05-2018 | Clean, Dirty, Home

Author :- Harshita

Take the 10 Spot Test to check whether your house is really clean. 

We often take great pains and spend endless hours cleaning and shining our homes. Sometimes it’s just in the spirit of spring cleaning and other times, it is simply a routine cleaning with the health of our loved ones in mind. But even the cleanest of homes will have at least one of these spots. Do you think you’ll pass the test?

1. Tube lights, bulb and light fixtures often act as dust catchers and since they are normally placed at a higher point, they often go unchecked during the cleaning sprees.

2. While we look to the AC to cool us in the summer heat, the surface above the air conditioner units and voltage regulators is often forgotten, whether it be a window mounted single unit or the split air-conditioner units.

3. When was the last time you cleaned the top of your hot water heater or geyser tank?

4. Those of us who are obsessed with cleaning will probably remember to clean the tops of kitchen cabinets and handles, for everyone else, this area will present a sticky surprise akin to a nightmare.

5. Remember the new and clean switchboards? Now they’re probably marred by grime stains, fingerprints and marks from the daily use. And if you once had white switchboards, they might just have gone yellow with age.

6. The area around the exhaust fan, be it in your kitchen or bathroom, is coated with dust and cooking evaporate that forms a sticky and stubborn grime on the blades that requires tedious scrubbing.

7. Elevated windows, ventilators and curtain rods seldom experience a thorough cleaning. These areas house lots of dust and spider webs.

8. Shake or move that magnificent photo frame or painting and take a peek at the area behind the frames. Notice the smudges outlining them and dust clinging to it.

9. Look behind your couch or under your sofas. The small gap between the floor, walls and this furniture is the perfect recipe for dust and lint balls.

10. And for the last dirty curve ball, pinch your nose and look under your sink and flush tanks. This is the one area that is most overlooked and avoided.

So how did you score? Did we miss a spot? Share with us in the comment section below and we’ll add it to our list.

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