5 Uses of Aluminium Foil

20-02-2017 | Aluminium foil suppliers in india

Author :- Harshita

5 Uses of Aluminum Foil 

When we think about storing leftover food, the first thing that comes to mind is aluminium foil. No kitchen is complete without aluminium foil. Pranay's Cleanup is one of the largest aluminium foil suppliers in India. Not only is it good for storage and packing food, this item is a must for every household. Today, we bring you five ways you can use this common and essential item.
1.When camping, you can make pots and pans out of aluminium foil for cooking. It is ultra light to carry with your camping gear and serves multiple functions since all you have to do is mould it into the shape you require. An added bonus is that you can use multiple times. Boil water, steam rice and fry potatoes or you could even fashion your own spoons and spatulas.

2.Tear a portion of the foil and carefully fold it into an envelope or pouch. Be gentle so that you do not tear any holes in the corners. Store small items of jewellery in the simple aluminium foil envelopes for easy, light and secure carry options without tangling the chains and losing earrings.

3.Sharpen your pair of scissors by cutting through the aluminium foil. The metal against metal will give your scissors a new and biting edge. Be careful not to cut yourself accidentally.
4.Sparkle your jewellery and silverware with this inexpensive technique. Place aluminium foil at the bottom of a bowl and fill it up with hot water. Then add salt, baking soda, and dish washing liquid in it. Add your jewellery to the bowl and let it soak for 5 to 10 minutes, remove and rinse in water then dry.
Use it as an insulator by folding it into an three sided open box around your stove or gas burner. This will reduce the heat loss and making cooking faster and effective.
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