Waste Management

05-06-2017 | waste management, supplier of household cleaning products

Author :- Harshita



Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan has raised awareness about cleanliness and hygiene. Pranay’s Impex, a leading supplier of household cleaning products has been a consistent supporter of this campaign. With the latest bout of advertisements urging households to segregate their waste into wet and dry garbage, we seek to shed light on waste management in our daily lives below.

1. Papers - Make waste management a fun and interesting process by going green and reducing the amount of paper usage. Opt to recycle books and go digital wherever possible. Not only is this a small step in the right direction, it doesn’t cost you anything extra.

2. Water - Conserve water around your home by reducing the requirement for fresh water in the bathroom, kitchen, and lawn. Keep a close watch on any potential leaks and repair plumbing leakages as soon as possible. Hire a plumber and install high efficiency toilets with half flush mechanism to reduce consumption and save on your water bill.

3. Electricity - Turn out lights when not in use to reduce the wastage and consumption of electricity. Install solar water heaters and solar panels for alternate sources of energy.

4. Precycle - Go green by “precycling.” Precycling is a concept where we conserve using useful tips like buying locally and making good buying decisions.

5. Repurpose – Find creative and surprising ways to use furniture and wastes lying around the house. Refinish and upholster old furniture with a unique antique finish for a cheaper solution to purchasing new furniture.

6. Craft - Fashion bottle cap jewelry, copper wire rings, plastic bottle kitchen gardens and recycled crafts. Think of useful and beautiful applications for trash, using google, pinterest and other craft guides.

7. Reduce, reuse, recycle, and conserve wastewater and biodegradable waste for use in your lawns and garden - Make organic fertilizers out of kitchen wastes like plant roots, fruit pulp etc. These fertilizers are chemical free and very good for your gardens. Put together a compost bin to make these organic fertilizers from your kitchen waste.

8. Reduce wastage of food – Plan the purchase of food stores, use of food items, storing these items appropriately, and paying attention to their expiration dates to save money and reduce food wastage.

9.Track pharmaceutical supplies - Pharmaceutical waste is not only dangerous for the environment but also a huge expense that burdens the household wastage. Purchase only the necessary medicines and donate any unused medicines to charity so that they can be used by others before their expiration date.

10. Recycle electronic waste – Electronic waste needs to be disposed off very carefully since it contains harmful chemicals that can prove hazardous to the environment and biological ecosystem.

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