Winter Hygiene Tips

09-01-2017 | Hygiene, winter season, wash hands, bath regularly, lukewarm water, get sun, winter food

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Winter Hygiene Tips 

Winter Hygiene Tips
With the winters at the peak, out come the sweaters, blankets and heaters. Despite all the arrangements, certain ailments like asthma, cold, cough, lung infections, chest congestion and other communicable diseases remain a problem in every household due to neglect of common hygiene with the laziness settling in with the cold season. Here’s how you can keep up-to-date with your hygiene this winter.

1. Wash your hands and bath regularly

With the water is ice cold and often untouchable, unwashed hands transfer infection causing germs every time you shake hands or touch your face. In the winters communicable diseases like cold and cough are common; and washing your hands regularly is the key to avoiding getting sick. You can opt to use warm water to make it a comfortable process.
Contrary to popular belief, you sweat even during the winters. The skin secretes more sebum during the winters due to the lack of moisture especially in crevices where dirt gets accumulated like behind the knees and in the genitals. Having a bath regularly allows you to wash away the dirt and dead cells while getting rid of body odour.
While bathing, it is advisable not to bathe in hot water, which is known to open up the skin pores and can lead to infections due to clogging of the pores. Further when you bathe in hot water and go back into the cold, the sudden change in the temperature is a lot of shock for the body to handle. You will also notice that you feel colder right after a bath – that is your body trying to adjust to the sudden drop in temperature. Very hot water affects the skin adversely causing it to react to extreme temperature changes, this constant and sudden change in temperature leads to excess drying of the skin and can lead to serious complications like numbness in the nerves of that area. Moreover, hot water on the hair makes it brittle and lifeless. Always use lukewarm water to bath so that helps you beat all the side effects and still enjoy a comfortable bath.

2. Get some sun

Tempting as it may be to stay curled up in your blanket all winter, sunlight is essential for your body. Not only is it a known source of Vitamin D, it also plays a number or roles in how the human body clock functions. While the deficiency of Vitamin is known to cause a number of diseases including rickets, sunlight also helps to reduce one’s susceptibility to tuberculosis (TB), rheumatic disease, gout, chronic ulcers and in some cases it can help certain wounds heal faster. It also helps to boost your immunity, keeping those common winter diseases at bay. As per experts, one must get at least twenty minutes of early morning sun. Beware not to expose yourself to harsh sunlight as it can lead to diseases as well. So, sit out in the sun once a day, it will not only help warm you up it will also keep you healthy.

3. Eat the right winter foods.

Winter brings with it foods that fattening and rich in calories, naturally we tend to indulge in the extra calories with season specialties like gajar ka halwa. Eating right during winters is important especially with the fall in temperature and infections doing the rounds making it essential that you keep your immunity strong. Eat fresh foods, root vegetables and whole grains rich in immunity boosting properties that are sure to keep colds, coughs and other communicable diseases at bay."

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