Bathroom Wiper CU-101

Bathroom Wiper (SKU : WIPER CU-101)
Length:31.8 cm 
Breadth:5.7 cm 
Height: 5.8 cm 
Weight :280 gm 
Material Virgin Plastic 
Whether you are aiming to clean balcony, pavement, bathroom, terrace or any other place, wipers are the most needed tool for the purpose. While keeping the water off the floor in minimum strokes, they are light weight yet sturdy for easy movements. The cleanup wipers create perfect vacuum between ground and rubber sheet that enables you to keep off the water with minimal effort.

Features: Long lasting, Light weight,  High durability, Cost effective, Handy to use, Premium built, Reasonably priced, Superior built, Time saving, Sturdy body, Flexible, Reliable, Longer handle
Usability: Remove water from the floors, Remove stains, Remove dirt

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