Scrubber CU-202K

Economy Stainless Steel Scrubber Pack Of 12 (SKU : CU-202K)
Length:56 cm 
Breadth:43.3 cm 
Weight :256 gm 
Material Used: Stainless Steel
Stainless steel scrubbers are the best option to get the clean shining utensils. But most of the products available are so harsh on our hands that the whole process cleaning becomes a tough job. Cleanup stainless scrubbers are made up of high grade stainless steel keeping in mind the purpose and safety of your hands. They are harsh on dirt while keeping your hands soft as ever. The stainless steel spirals are rust free and long lasting giving you value for money. 

Features: Economy Pack, Durable, Germs resistant, Longer life, Works best even in hot water, High quality stainless steel spiral.
Usability: Wok, Pans, Pots, Bake ware, Tiles and Sinks.
Not recommended for:  Not for use on delicate surfaces.
How to clean the scrubber: Rinse with water to remove food rubble with hands then wash thoroughly with soap and water and let it dry.


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