Scrubber CU-207C

Germ Free Stainless Steel Scrubber Pack of 6 (SKU: CU-207C)
Length:60 cm 
Breadth:25 cm 
Weight :266 gm 
Material Used: Stainless Steel
For those who are looking for bulk quantity of steel scrubbers for heavy cleaning the pack of these cleanup steel scrubbers is the best choice. These are made of superior quality of steel to keep your hands safe while giving best cleaning results. You can even get these stainless steel scrubbers online. 

Features: Skin safe, Germ free, Anti mold, Non abrasive, Dry quickly,Long lasting.
Usability: Cleaning Utensils, machinery, Tiles and Sinks.
Not recommended for:  Do not use on delicate surfaces.
How to clean the scrubber: Rinse with water and soap and let it air dry.


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