Loofah Belt CU


Length : 260 mm
Weight :  110 mm
Material used : Virgin Plastic
Our backs are always the hardest place to clean and you have tried brushes or sponges available in the market that has made your skin rough? Then the body belts by Cleanup are the perfect solution for the perfect cleaning of your back. These are designed with the fine quality net so that it gently exfoliates the dead skin leaving your back smooth, soft and clean.  

Features: Fine quality mesh anti bacterial, Soft on skin, Comes with a cord to hang dry, The belt stretches up to the size of the arms for ease in cleaning, Retains original shape after use. Generates lather with the single drop of shower gel, Cris-cross design to maintain the shape, Long Lasting.
How to use: Wet the loofah with water. Then put a drop of shower gel on the belt, crumple to make lather, Stretch hold the cords from both ends at your back, Scrub all over your back to exfoliate.
How to clean Loofah: Rinse off soap under running water then hang it on the hook to let it dry.


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