Wrappo 21 M

Wrappo Aluminium Foil  (SKU : 21 M Foil)

Length: 31.8 cm 
Breadth: 5.2 cm 
Height: 5.5 cm 
Weight: 256 gm 
Material Used: Aluminium 
To keep the food fresh and germ free, the best way is to wrap it up in aluminium foil. The pack of 21 meters of foil makes it in use for longer days. Now feel free to use it for food lining or for craft. Creativity is yours. 

Features: Keeps food safe, convenient to use, Helps retains moisture, Can be used for craft work, Grease proof, Tamper proof packing.
Usability: Wrap, Cover, Store, Seal, Bake, Craft.

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