Wrappo 9 M

Wrappo Aluminium Foil (SKU: 9 M Foil)

Length:31.8 cm 
Breadth:5.2 cm 
Height: 5.5 cm 
Weight :168 gm 
Material Used:Aluminium 
For packing lunch boxes or lining the casseroles or baking dishes, the aluminium foil keep the food fresh by holding the moisture and are best suitable for wrapping, storing or covering the products. The pack comes in a 9 meter size for day to day use. 

Features: Keeps food safe from bacteria, moisture and odours, convenient to use, Helps retains moisture of chapattis, parathas and other food stuff, can be used for art work, Grease proof
Usability: Wrapping, covering, storing, Sealing, Baking, Craft

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