Kitchen Sponge Wipe

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Product detail:

Kitchen Cellulose Wipe (SKU :  WIPE)

Length:200 MM 
height :180 MM 
Breadth:2 MM 
Weight :150 gm  
Material used :cellulose

The water spills is the most common situation in every home. Cleanup cellulose wipes are designed especially for cleaning the kitchen slabs, tables. These are capable of absorbing water to clean spills and mess around the floor. These wipes are hygienic & durable and is made from natural origin pure cellulose that is eco-friendly, bacteria resistant and biodegradable.  

Features: High quality cellulose, Lint Free, Reusable, Anti bacterial, Soaks water up to 10 times of its size, Easy to dry, Eco friendly .
Where to use: Kitchen platform, Table, Glass, Mirror, Refrigerator, Wood surface.
How to drain excess water:  Just squeeze to remove excess water and let it dry. Do not wring.

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