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Product detail:

Bath Loofah (SKU : LOOFAH CU)
Length : 160 mm
Height :  65 mm
Weight :  160 mm
Material used : Virgin Plastic
For perfect cleaning of the body and optimum use of shower gels, these bath loofahs are the must in your bath routines. Made with the fine quality of plastic mesh these give soft feel while making rich lather out of shower gels. The supple, crumpled surface of the bath loofah gently exfoliates to remove dead skin cells without damaging your skin, leaving you clean and smooth and fresh.  
Features: Fine quality mesh anti bacterial, Generate heap of lather in a drop of shower gel, Soft on skin, Comes with a cord to hang dry, Available in pink and blue colors.
How to use:: Wet the loofah with water. Then put a drop of shower gel on the loofah, Scrunch to make lather and apply all over you body to exfoliate.
How to clean Loofah: Rinse off soap under running water, Hang it on the hook to air dry.


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