Twist Mop Economy

Product detail:


Length:49 Inch 
Breadth:12 Inch 
Weight :460 gm 
Material Used: Cotton 
Mopping is the integral step in cleaning. For those who want the mopping in the hard to reach places like under the sofas or beds without extra effort or for those who do not want their hands to go messy while mopping, the spin mop is the best solution. These mops are designed to load extra water without twisting or squeezing. The stainless steel wheel tub on the bucket allows the mop to dry by itself with easy to follow steps. The handle can be twisted to maximum degrees, nearly touching the floor so that the mop can reach those hard to reach places.  

Features: Can clean under the furniture and hard to reach places, Easy twist wringer to keep hands dry, Long convenient handle, Handle hole to hang dry, High quality super absorbent cotton, loop end to avoid tangles
Where to use: Smooth floors, Under furniture

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